• Alex McCracken

Great Fire of Seabeck

The Fire

On August 12, 1886, the steamer Retriever sent a spark onto a pile of lumber. Soon the entire pier was ablaze. Up in the same smoke as the lumber mills went the future of Seabeck as an industrial center. The fire was so hot it cooked the apples on the trees in the orchard. Without the mill to provide jobs the population scattered to other mill towns and Seabeck became a near ghost town within a month and remained that way for almost thirty years.

The mill fire occurred over 134 years ago, and to this day fire is still one of the biggest threats to the safety of Seabeck. PROP 1. improves response times and gets water on fires sooner, this makes Seabeck a safer place to live. Kitsap County Firefighters asks you to approve Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Prop 1, Faster Response & Safer Stations.

Image and information courtesy of the Kitsap Historical Museum.

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