• Alex McCracken

Blast From The Past, North Perry Station 45

In 1965 when North Perry Station 45 was built, Wolly Bully was the most played song on the radio, the Chevy Impala was the most popular car and Sandy Koufax pitched a prefect game against the Chicago Cubs.

North Perry Fire Station 45 has been has kept our community safe for the last 55 years. PROP 1. will replace Station 45 with seismically sound building that can house large modern fire equipment and protect Firefighters from carcinogens.

Fire Stations, along with hospitals and police stations, are designated as essential facilities by building code. Modern fire stations include seismic reinforcements that are crucial to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of our regional critical facilities after an earthquake. Seismic upgrades for essential facilities must go beyond “life safety” standards to a higher level of protection. This is to minimize damage so that these facilities have an improved capability to respond to emergencies after an earthquake.

CKFR PROP. 1 will build a new modern Fire Stations build to withstand earthquakes and decontaminate firefighters from the toxins they encounter on a daily basis.

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